Anthony's Computer Repair

Anthony's Computer Repair provides IT Solutions to Waynesboro Virginia and surrounding areas. Serving the community for eleven years. 1-540-943-7470

Spread the GOOD word
Because we appreciate our customers we are offering incentives to customers that appreciate us. Anytime you promote GOOD word of mouth we will offer you a discount on your next visit. Must be a customer already and Anthony's Computer must be able to verify the good word. Ask for more details.

Here at Anthony's Computer we are always trying to better ourselves and help the customer that extra bit. When you have Anthony's Computer perform your computer or laptop repair you get free services in the process if needed and possible in shop. These options are how we give back to you, the customer. Certain conditions must apply.

  • One Data Recovery Attempt - Maybe the last chance to retrieve those lost files when your hardrive fails.
  • No Parts Markup - No markup on parts used in fixing your computer. What we pay for them is what you pay for them. Shipping, Handling, Tax is extra.
  • Update Browser Plugins – Making sure your plugins are current to date to protect you.
  • Clean And Cool Cases – Making sure it's clean and airflow is moving properly to keep your investment cool.
  • Post Home Service – If you need us to bring your computer system back and set it up for you.
  • Check For Updates – Making sure you have the best and latest security fixes.
  • Defragment – Arranges files on your drive so they can be accessed faster.
  • Pick Up and Bring Back – We'll come get it and bring it back to you after work is performed.